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You will love Mizani Apps! One Solution for Your Business Apps

Make a mobile visual statement with an awesome new slideshow app from Mizani Media . New Motion gives you the ability to have 3 images visible at once, highlighting the center image and giving an optional dark or light opacity to the side images. Each image can be customized with a corresponding title and subtitle.

Mizani PWA Depth Benefits
• Analytics can be accessed in the CMS desktop or Skipper Business Manager app • Beautifully formatted & easy to understand • Phone and Email Technical Support • Hosting and Automatic Backup of your Business App • Dashboard Access – update app content anytime, colors, functions, tabs, etc. • Send Unlimited Push Notifications • OS Software System Updates • Access to new app features as they become available
Reports Include
• App Downloads
• App Downloads by Platform
• View New and Returning Users
• View Redeemed Coupons
• View Reservations
• Interactions With Users
• Activity Stream
• Email Subscribers
• Comments Breakdown
• Demographic Information

Mizani PWA New Partners :
Does your business already have an account with one of these companies? No problem! From email campaigns, social networks, to reservations, integrate all of them into your dedicated mobile app.
Mizani App In-Depth Benefits
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Dedicated Live Support & Training

Analytics can be accessed in the CMS desktop or Skipper Business Manager app

Loaded With Power And Plugins

Beautifully formatted & easy to understand

Perfect Design for Your Business

Dashboard Access – update app content
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Businesses worldwide that rely on Mizani Apps PWA

Doctors, dentists, psychiatrist, nutritionists, physical therapists

Financial & legal
Lawyers, legal consultants, accountants, CPAs, tax consultants, financial advisors

ducational service providers, private tutors, special education instructors
Construction & home services
Contractors, movers, painters, plumbers, electricians, interior designers

Fitness & yoga
Fitness instructors, personal trainers, Yoga studios

Real estate
Real estate agents, interior designers, home inspectors, architects
Coaching & consulting
Business coachers, consultants, career coachers, life coachers, spiritual coachers

Travel & leisure
ravel guides, guest houses, resorts, car rentals

Sales & marketing
Marketing experts, advertising professionals, sales trainers
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