Unearthing the
insights Mizani Apps.
In Fall 2018, Mizani Apps surveyed designers from more than 2,200 organizations around the world to explore how companies can create better business outcomes with design. We asked questions orbiting around company demographics, design team resources, executive involvement, practices, outcomes, and more.
To develop the survey, we audited existing design maturity models, consulted industry analysts, conducted qualitative research with designers in the field, and tapped the insights of our own in-house experts. What we came up with is unlike any maturity model to date. What’s different?
It’s the largest global study of design in business.
Other studies have been conducted (most notably in the United Kingdom and Denmark), and McKinsey recently produced a fantastic analysis using millions of data points, but from only 300 companies. This is the first study we know of that compares the design behaviors of thousands of companies around the globe, from small businesses to large enterprises, NGOs to the Fortune 500.
It was developed with analytical rigor.
We employed advanced statistical methods to identify the trends behind the trends. These techniques make it possible to look across hundreds of design-related behaviors, activities, and resources, and unearth the core principles that make a difference in achieving significant business benefits through design.