Turn your dream into an engaging website
Our design team will build you a website that not only looks great, but will bring in visitors and rank on Google.

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Creative Director
Zaino Mizani

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Free consultation
Let's talk about your vision
In the initial phone consultation, we’ll ask you about your vision, your business or project, and your website goals.
Then, we’ll plan the content, design and look of your website based on the information you give us. You'll be supported at every step of the process.
This design consultation is free, and there is no further obligation to buy if you decide not to continue.
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We create custom one click publish website for you
Save time and let our website design team build a website for your business or project.
Professional design and copywriting
Design consultation and maintenance

A website designed by experts
Our designers and copywriters will create a website with up to seven subpages. These can include a home page, company profile, and product or team pages. More pages can be added on request.
Search engine optimization (SEO) experts ensure that your website is also easily found on Google.
We’ll help create logos and find appropriate images. And if you’d rather use existing images or text, no problem. Just let your designer know and they'll add the images or copy you provide to your website
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The final touch
Taking your business to the next level
After we’ve created your website, we’ll check the content, talk you through each page one by one and discuss the next steps. Once you’ve given it the OK, we’ll help you put it online.
After it’s published, you can easily update it yourself or simply call us and we will customize it to match what you have in mind.

Room to adapt and grow with maintenance and updating
Service doesn't stop at the build — you'll get support and maintenance for your website after it's online.

Comprehensive service
Maintaining and updating your website
Change is good. That’s why we’ll continue to be there to edit your website after it's published online.
We can update contact details, advertise current offers or exchange any of the images used on your website.
If you’d rather make the changes or add content yourself, great! Once your site has been published, you’ll be given direct access to the website builder.
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More than just a website
Web+App All in One
We plan, create and maintain professional websites that strengthen your brand, reach new customers and help tell the world your story.

Built by experts for your users
Ease of use is essential for successful websites, so we not only optimize the design, but also improve the user experience.

Responsive design Mobile - Desktop
Choose from Custom design for all sectors that perfectly display your content on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

FREE Google Search engine optimization
We optimize all content for search engines (SEO) improving your visibility on Google and increasing your site traffic.

Google Worldwide International Secure with SSL
Your website is secured by SSL and 256-bit encryption, protecting your visitors and improving your Google ranking.

The One Google Cloud Platform design 2020-2021
Using modern website , our web designers and copywriters will create a site that meets your expectations.story.

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Edge-to-edge imaging in Google Cloud format. HTML 5 slideshow with hidden subcategories. It is edge-to-edge design incorporated with four different layouts, mobile desktop, iPad and tablet, and mobile phone landscape and portrait orientation. Easy to optimize with progressive web app or mobile apps, Android and iOS devices. It has a very beautiful, visual brochure that give it a beautiful look.
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    This is our animation incorporated with Google Cloud and Google Blogs. It also is incorporated with a shopping cart for e-commerce format. It is edge-to-edge design incorporated with four different layouts, mobile desktop, iPad and tablet, and mobile phone landscape
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    Food Bar and Restaurants


    This is our animation incorporated with Google Cloud and Google Blogs. It also is incorporated with a shopping cart for e-commerce format. It is edge-to-edge design incorporated with four different layouts, mobile desktop, iPad and tablet, and mobile phone landscape
    works great with MizaniApps Food Ordering
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    This is a one-page Parallax website with full mobility incorporated with Google engine, blogs, shopping cart. Full capabilities to add photos and videos. It has a clean layout to keep your views one one page. 

    easy-to-use platform for editing and updating!
    + PWA ( Web app) or native of app ( iOS/ Android ) Over your website
    for Only 25.00 A month
    ( All Web Platfrom ,Shopify, WordPress)

    Mizani Media is always on the lookout for new, faster, modern technology to provide you with the most cutting-edge platforms to deliver an exceptional digital experience to you and your customers.
    With our new platform, hundreds of plug-ins are available for free, which include, but are not limited to, photo galleries, blogs, shopping carts, video slide shows, social media connections and more. Because we use Apple technology, your website is safe and secure. Unlike Word Press websites where the risk of being hacked is exponentially greater.
    Many of our customers have asked to edit their own website, and now that is available to those who are interested. With our new cloud-based web platform YOU will be able to edit the content of your website and mobile app yourself. No more waiting around for updates to be completed. Whether it’s text, photo galleries, or updates to your shopping cart the power is in your hands with our new web platform. Updates take less than 5 seconds to publish. 

    With our new platform you no longer need FTP (File Transfer Protocol) by your web hosting company, which is saving you $200-$300.00 annually. 
    As current clients transition to our new platform, no more monthly maintenance fees will apply.
    We will also be offering free support, including online training classes and videos (if necessary) to teach how simple this new platform is for you to edit and manage.

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      • Usability and website analytics
      • Responsive design planning
      • Marketing needs analysis
      • Strategic planning/roadmap
      • Information architecture and wire-framing
      Website + Mobile App design
      • Brand, logo, and corporate identity
      • Creative concepts and art direction
      • User experience UX design
      • Interaction design
      • Copy/content development
      • Search engine optimization (SEO services)
      • Social media marketing
      • E-mail and digital campaign management
      • Website & Mobile App development
      • Mobile development
      • App Content management systems
      • E-commerce and web services
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