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March 2022 all WebApp (PWA)
Native App ( Android & Apple) required adding :
Custom Google Maps License API Key 

Annual Cost Google Custom API $150.00
Annual SSL Custom API $150.00 + Plus Your annual WebApp or native app hosting

Each business must listed with Google Business plus adding GPS location for under custom domain names:

starting March 2022 MizaniApps platform allows for the integration with your Google Maps by the use of a License API key. A Google Maps License allows you to utilize map data for location-based features in your applications. You can use your Google Maps License API key to integrate Google Maps with your CMS account and your apps or Web App .

When you are using custom domains for each location or you have a specific client Panel domain, you will need to use your Google Maps License API Key so your app can fetch data from Google Maps and present it to your users.

  1. On the Restrict and rename API key page, add the following HTTP referrers (web sites):
  • *.yourdomain.com (e.g., *.example.com)
  • subdomain.yourdomain.com (e.g., login.example.com)
  • yourdomain.com (e.g., example.com)
  • All of your PWA Custom Domains that you wish to attribute to this key.
This single key can have your partner domain, as well as all the custom PWA domains registered to it. That is, this API key can be locked to work for specific domains and will not work in other domains. These authorized domains are called 'referrers'. 
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